Hardwood floors- they are elegant, natural, shiny but never exaggerated. They come in a number of different colors and types, and they make such a pleasant clack when you walk on them in the right footwear. Sadly though, hardwood floors need regular cleaning especially to maintain their beautiful finish. So today, we will be telling you how to clean hardwood floors properly.

Here we will discuss some preventive tips along with basic cleaning care. So whether your floors are covered in layers of grime or look a little dusty and scuffed, continue reading, to learn how to clean hardwood floors.

Preventative Tips

Firstly, buy some mats to put on both sides of your doors. Small and reasonable but very useful, these mats collect a lot of the dirt and grime that would have accumulated on your floors. Next, during rainy or snowy season, make it a point to take off your shoes outdoor the door and encourage everyone who visits your office to do the same. This will prevent rock salt, snow, rain and mud from reaching to your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Obviously even with those preventative techniques in place, your floor will still get dirty. It is true. Dirt and dust will slowly reach onto your flooring and you will have to learn how to clean hardwood floors. Below are a few basic floor care Broward tips to prevent heavy buildup.

At least once in a week, use a dust mop to collect loose dust, dirt, debris and hair. You can find disposable cloths, electrostatic cloths and coordinating cleaning sprays. Or, you can use a basic broom or a vacuum with a gentle floor-brush attachment.

At least once a month, apply a cleaning product particularly formulated for hardwood floors. Follow the instructions on the label, but be careful about not leaving standing cleaning product or water or the floor. Apply the product using a mop or a sponge and rinse if instructed.

Removing Scratches

Seeing scratches on your hardwood floors? You have got many options. First, use a pencil eraser to erase the scratch marks. In many cases, this simple and economic solution will make those marks disappear. Scuff erasers are also available in the market or you can try using acetone. Lastly, try applying a paste of baking soda and vinegar. Let the paste sit for some time and then scrub off the scuff with a paper towel or a sponge.

Cleaning hardwood floors is simple. If you combine our preventative tips with our recommendations for basic floor care, you can keep your floors shiny and clean through the year. However, be very careful when working with chemicals. Or simplest way to keep hardwood floors clean is to hire floor care Broward services. Pro Facility Services would be happy to assist you in creating a floor care plan in your budget.