What type of first impression does your commercial facility create? Do customers and associates enter your space and view your company as a professional enterprise, or does your office leave them feeling less than impressed?

Appearances are important, which means that how your commercial facility or office space looks can make a huge difference to how your organization is perceived. From getting you new client to maintaining long-term business relationships, a well-kept work place can be the difference between a great reputation and losing out on clients.

Keeping your office space in great condition may seem easy, but reality is totally different. To assist you keep on top of office cleanliness and make sure that you always make a positive first impression, here we are listing the 3 most common cleaning mistakes visitors might notice in your office, so you can ensure that you don’t send your guests unimpressed.

  • Smell
    Scent is one of the most powerful and memorable senses. Whether your visitors arrive early morning or after lunchtime of microwaved garlic bread, your facility should always smell fresh. This is not always easy in a busy office full of staff, but keeping on top of general cleaning, ensuring that kitchen and lunchroom are cleaned promptly and regularly removing waste will assist handle the issue.
    To add a pleasant aroma to your office, you can also consider air fresheners.
  • Clutter
    Is your office space congested with paper, equipment and assorted junk? This is one of the primary things that your visitors are expected to notice, giving the impression that yours is a disorganized business.
    Providing proper storage space for files, setting up equipment systematically and giving enough bins and recycling points will all assist manage the clutter, while regular cleaning will ensure that mess doesn’t get an opportunity to build up. You can hire professional commercial cleaning services Miami Springs for regular cleaning.
  • Carpets
    Whether you are waiting watching a presentation or waiting for a meeting, the condition of your carpet is likely to get the attention of the visitors if it is not up to the mark.

From dirt to stains, a poorly maintained carpet can suggest a lack of attention to detail and unprofessionalism to your contacts and customers.

In high footfall area, daily vacuuming is necessary to maintain a professional look.
What do you first notice on visiting another business’s premises? Which cleaning tasks according to you are the most difficult to keep up with? As a reputed Commercial Cleaning Service Miami Springs, we know exactly what is required to keep your offices and commercial facilities in best condition. To ensure you make the right first impression, contact us today.