While waxing the floors of a home is easy, the same can’t be said about waxing floors in commercial facilities. These areas see huge foot traffic all through the day, making it essential to perform the task after the peak operating hours. The square foot area is generally a lot larger than that of a typical residence, causing the work to take hours or even days instead of minutes. Floor care Broward experts follow many guidelines to make the work easier.

This job requires as little disturbance as possible, making early morning or late night hours the most ideal time. If the facility operates 24×7, the area being waxed should be restricted to the public or a quick dry wax should be used. Colleges, hospitals and airport terminals are the most complicated to wax. In all cases, signs assist keep people out of the work area, preventing accidents and adding to the great results.

Other than posting signs, safety cones and wet-floor stands should be used. Stripping the existing coat of wax from the floor is the primary step in the waxing process. This prevents debris and dirt from creating an uneven floor coating or causing discoloration. A commercial wax stripping product is used for stripping the covering. In order to remove this solution and clean the floor a wet mop is used.

Then edges of the floor are scrubbed with the help of a brush and to remove wax from corners a putty knife is used. Some floor care Broward experts use auto-scrubber equipment to scrub the floor with clean water. A flexible floor wax available for high-traffic areas must be used for commercial facilities. In hospital environments or labs, slip-resistant wax must be used.

Wax is applied to small parts of the floor at a time. After the complete floor has been covered with wax, it is left to dry. Up to 6 more applications are done before the floor is called finished and all set for foot traffic after drying completely. Cleaners ensure they have sufficient wax handy in order to complete the work effectively.

Professionals are experienced to work with wax and other supplies that are required to finish a floor and they are able to complete a floor really fast, as a result you can rest assured about that you can resume business operations really fast and floor care Broward won’t affect your business operations.

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Image Source: pixabay.com