If you have hired an office cleaning service to keep your office in West Palm Beach FL clean and in tip-top condition, you want to ensure that they are cleaning thoroughly without cutting any corners.

Here are most common signs to look for:

You Rarely See Your Cleaners at Work

Cleaners generally work before or after typical office hours, but even so, it is very common to see them around the office, especially if you are a business owner or spend long hours in office. If you see your cleaners very rarely in your office, then they are not devoting proper time cleaning your office.

Dust Bunnies in the Corners

Usually, dirt and dust is more easily visible on hard surfaces than carpets, and given the high footfall in an office, dust bunnies can quickly accumulate in corners and along wall areas. Also, if you see pieces of paper and stationary refuse like pins, paperclips, staples on flooring or carpets, then you need to speak to your office cleaning company.

Grime on Glass and Metal

Grime and oily marks can be seen easily on glossy surface. Sometimes this can go unnoticed unless the light falls on a surface in a particular way- but it is not something you want your prospective customer to see when in your conference or reception area. Check glossy tiles, metallic surfaces and glass panels to make sure they are being cleaned regularly.

Bins are not Being Emptied

Bins should be emptied regularly, with liners replaced when required. If your find that your bins are full or that your liners are all dirty and messy, then your cleaners are not doing their job right. This doesn’t apply to the main sections of your office, check bins in meeting rooms or bathrooms to know about the quality of the work being delivered by your office cleaning West Palm Beach FL company.

Dust in Hard-to-Reach Areas

A simple way to tell if your cleaners are not being as thorough as they should be is to see if there is any sign of dust in complicated and hard-to-reach areas or surfaces like cabinets, shelves, fixtures and railings. A common place is top most section of cabinetry- if you take out a file and it has a layer of dust on it, then you may want to have a chat with your office cleaning company.

If you see any of the signs then it is very much clear that your office cleaning company is not doing the job right and it is time you think about them, again seriously and consider hiring a dedicated team of commercial cleaners.