When it comes to public washrooms or restrooms, generally people avoid using these spaces because numerous fears are hugely associated with cleanliness of public washroom. Besides, the real reason for worry is less than adequately cleaned restrooms. But, when it comes to restroom cleaning it is important to learn what are the facts and what are just the myths. By learning the myths and facts you can use the correct information to get the most from your commercial cleaning company or janitorial cleaning services.

Myth: A clean looking and fresh smelling restroom is actually clean and fresh

Fact: Looking clean is the basic requirement, but there are things that we can’t see that matter the most. And a fresh smell is a good thing but poor cleaning can be covered with scented products. Improper cleaning form your commercial cleaning services that leave touch points and hot spots germy puts inhabitants at risk by forming a simple human to human transportation method for disease causing germs and bacteria. Restroom is considered clean when it is cleaned for health.

Myth: Using toilets seats increases the risk of spreading or catching something

Fact: Most commonly present bacteria and viruses on toilets don’t present a serious risk unless you have an open sore or wound that comes in contact with the toilet or you don’t wash your hands properly after using the toilet. And professional restroom cleaning can decrease toilet seat germs even more.

Myth:The major reason of inadequate hand washing is people not believing hand washing after using the washroom is essential.

Fact: This is actually the case but only with some people, the major reason people fail to wash their hands after using restroom is lack of proper hand washing supplies like soap dispenser, soap, and hand towels or tissue papers.

Myth: Men’s washrooms are the germiest

Fact: Studies show that women’s restroom and not men’s restroom harbor the most bacteria. This is probably because women spend more time in the washroom and also many of them have kids who are mischievously germy.

Myth: All cleaners are same and can kill germs

Fact: To effectively deal with disease causing germs, you must use the right products, also following the manufacture directions is essential. For example, many cleaners need specific dwell times; this is the amount of time you must leave the cleaner on the surface to effectively kill dangerous germs. If your janitorial cleaning service is not training its team about correct use of products, you and your staff members are at risk.

If your washroom maintenance is lacking, it is time to have a discussion with your janitorial service. Possibly you have put off making a change as you think Miami-Dade commercial cleaning companies are all same, but that is not true. Contact Pro Facility Services today for more details.

Image Source: pixabay.com