Every business irrespective of the industry and size must always make sure their office premises including the parking space and the restrooms are clean and presentable. This is not important not just to maintain a professional image, but to ensure your employees remain productive and healthy.

Usually, due to the various challenges that companies face daily, like motivating uninspired employees and reaching sales quota, cleanliness in the office sometimes drops in the office manager’s priority list. Some people rely on in-house cleaning staff to keep things organized and tidy, while others throughout Miami and Broward County prefer to outsource office cleaning services. But, not everyone takes into consideration the pros and cons of any of these arrangements.

For example, if you have an office in Ft. Lauderdale, to assist you determine which type of cleaning service is most appropriate for your business or decide whether your present cleaning service is actually a smart choice, we outline here the qualities and differences of in-house and outsourced cleaning office cleaning services.


As the name indicates, in-house cleaning refers to the maintenance and management of a building or space done by a dedicated cleaning staff of a company. Traditionally, companies hire an in-house cleaning staff to take care of all the cleaning tasks. But, as the price of maintaining an in-house cleaning team increases, more and more businesses now prefer to outsource the cleaning services. Nonetheless, still there are some companies who have retained this service due to its various advantages, like the following:

Flexibility: Another benefit of getting an in-house team of cleaners is that they are flexible and can address the cleaning needs instantly. Whether there is spilled drink or food or workstation needs cleaning, an in-house team is available all the time, given you have team of at least 2-3 cleaners and at least one of them is present.

Security: A number of organizations that use a dedicated cleaning team usually choose this arrangement mainly due to security. They want to make sure that every individual who enters and leaves the building or accesses various sections in the office is reliable and doesn’t pose any type of security threats like violence, theft or robbery.


On the other hand, if we talk about outsourcing cleaning services, then it refers to the process of hiring a company to get company’s cleaning done. This choice has become very popular in recent time due to its convenience and cost-savings. Most commercial cleaning companies also provide services like carpet cleaning, post construction cleanup, floor stripping and refinish etc. There are various benefits of hiring commercial cleaning company; here are a few of them:

Quality service: As cleaning experts are professionally trained and have advanced cleaning equipment, you can be rest assured that you will be getting only quality services. This provides office owners peace of mind, knowing that their office is always clean and well sanitized, professionally.

Cost-effective: When you out source the cleaning, you no longer pay salaries, workman compensation, liability, benefits, overtime, management costs, hiring costs, plus the inefficiency that results with a permanent in-house employee that is scheduled for 40 hours, but only has 30 hours of work or can physically only work 30 hours because it is physically demanding work. By outsourcing, you decide the frequency and detailing of cleaning to suit your needs and budget.


Both the above discussed arrangements have their own advantages. But the trick is to choose the best office cleaning service in Broward, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, or in the Miami area. And clearly understand your requirements that might not need a full time staff and the supervision that comes with in-house. So understand the requirements of your company and see how the outsource can measure up.

If you are interested in outsourcing your cleaning needs, feel free to contact Pro Facility Services to get a free quote.