Ever had the experience of responding to an angry customer buzzing at the other end of the phone? It can be a bit discomforting. If you operate a Commercial Cleaning Company then you probably might have experienced it as complaints are almost inevitable. However, there are a couple of things you could do to reduce the way customers complain about your services. Remember, too many complaints could eventually lead to negative remarks, and negative remarks are not suitable for the reputation of any company. Let’s get started.

Restroom Focus

The restroom is one place that clients usually complain about. Never make the mistake of assigning a cleaning duty of such magnitude to a newbie who is raw. The restroom should never be cleaned in a rush. Ensure you are assigning your best hands to handle that area, or you go there yourself. One way you can ensure your employees don’t forget the toilet is by making them work with color-coded fabrics. For instances, the blue color fabric may represent the bathroom, green for cleaning mirrors, desks, etc.

Proper Dusting is Essential

When your cleaners are in a hurry to get their jobs done, they are likely to handle the dusting haphazardly. Adequate dusting can only be carried out when you are dusting all surfaces very carefully. To manage this, you need a cloth that is micro-fiber in nature. Such a piece of fabric will attract the dust better than any other tool. There are also visible areas where specks of dust seem to settle over time. For instance, chair legs, desks, calculator punch pads, etc. are all places where you find dirt. So always remind your employee to cover those areas. Any competent janitorial services Miami should not have any problems handling dust.

Empty Trash

Failure to empty any garbage will surely get your phone buzzing. Trash cans that still contain their dirt just because you forgot are enough to make anybody go mad for a while. Hence, you need to emphasize to employees how important it is for them to get this part right. You need to check through offices, tower down halls, and double check everywhere if you have to. Whatever you do, do not leave the trash cans unemptied. It is a sign of incompetence. Trust me; inability is not a feature you want to show as a Commercial Cleaning Company.

It is quite disturbing when you hear clients scream from the other end only because you guys missed out something you were supposed to take care of. Commercial Cleaning Services Miami Springs can be a lot more fun and more promising when you do not get to hear customers complain bitterly over the kind of services you are rendering. Make your Commercial Cleaning Miami more reliable by watching out for those things that have been mentioned above.