After the construction or renovation of your office, when is the right time to move all the furniture into the newly built or renovated office? Simple-when it is clean enough to work.

Office owners should only do the move when new offices are clean and safe enough for use.

Here are the things you need to check before your move in post construction.

Get Rid of Construction Dust and Debris

Construction brings with it dust and debris that can make your renovated or newly built office look like a nightmare. This is where post construction cleaning services in Miami will come in handy. Professionals can easily clear away the rubbish and waste created during the construction. This won’t only make your brand new office presentable; it will also ensure safety of your employees and clients. Hiring professionals to take care of your post-construction debris should be on top of your to-do list when moving.

Keep the Office Hygienic and Spotless

Apart from it being clean from the surface, the office should also be hygienic. This means deep cleaning should be done. Among the areas of the office that should be prioritized are the washroom and kitchen area. Also, ensure that the workstations, cabinets and drawers are cleaned before you move in. So, important files and documents don’t get spoiled when you use them.

Ensure that Windows are Clean to Bring in the Natural Light

This is possible only when all your windows are thoroughly cleaned. You should be able to see through them and there shouldn’t be any obstruction on both the sides. If your windows are this clean, you can have natural light properly illuminating your office space.

Before the moving trucks unload your office furniture, ensure that these three are completed before your employees start their work. Post construction, having professional Construction Cleaning Broward company ensure the cleanliness of newly-built or renovated office would be the last thing to do before you move to the new office.

Pro Facility Services offers post construction cleaning services for construction companies, builders and office owners to assist turn newly renovated or built building into a presentable workplace. Aside from this we offer office cleaning services in Miami. Contact us now to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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