Whether you are building new commercial property or remodeling retail space, there is nothing like that last day of construction work. Constructors have finished their work, they are cleaning things out and you are ready to welcome your employees in a new setting. One good look around tells you that you will have to wait.

How do you handle scuffed-up interiors, layers of dust and dirty carpets? Are you going to handle everything yourself or hire post construction cleaning Broward company?

Before you decide, consider the size of the project and amount of work. Even with the best possible construction cleaning guide, it is a difficult job that can potentially stretch your schedule of getting back to business.

Post construction cleaning involves the following:
Most contractors clean up a finished construction site, but their services don ’t include dusting, scrubbing and polishing. Below is an ideal post construction cleaning checklist.

  • Tackle Contractor’s Leftovers
    Start post construction cleanup with a through trash patrol. Walk the property interiors and exteriors looking for discarded tape strips, drop cloths and plastic sheeting. Look for small things like lose screws, bolts and nails. Contractors don ’t mean to leave a mess, but be prepared to collect extensive trash.
  • Make Floors Presentable Again
    Floor inspection should be part of every post construction cleaning checklist. Construction work takes a toll on flooring, so look for any signs of damage before mopping, waxing and buffing. Remember, for wood flooring professional attention is must.
  • Make the view of mirrors and windows clear and dirt free
    Clients as well as employees don’t want to look through dirty windows and mirrors. Dirty bathroom mirrors and opaque door glass are not good for the employee morale and client impression. You can use heavy-duty glass cleaning products to restore transparency and shine. Follow top to bottom approach while cleaning and be prepared to do it a few times. Finish off with a dry cloth polish.
  • Clean up walls and Baseboards
    Work boot traffic scuffs and smudges baseboards while heavy equipment puts dings in wallboard. Inspect interiors for minor damage where patching and repainting is required. After addressing repairs, give walls a comprehensive cleaning. Spruce up scuffed baseboards with magic erase products or solution of dish washing detergent and water.
  • Clean up Exterior Driveways
    Spotless entries, sidewalks and driveways give clients their first positive impressions of your company. Ensure these areas are well swept and free of any leftover construction debris. Power washing puts the freshness back into exterior walkways, but you might want to leave the tedious task to a professional Post Construction Cleaning Broward company.