Major construction needs major clean-up. Simple sweeping, mopping and dusting won’t help when you have to deal with heaps of dust and debris. There will be adhesive to remove, trash to dispose of and dust to vacuum out of nooks and corners. If you have never worked on such a large cleaning job, you will have to learn the basics. Here in this post we are discussing post construction clean-up 101.

Get Ready for Thorough and Detailed Dusting

When it comes to dusting post construction, know that the task will be a lot more tiring and strenuous than dusting your corner unit. The construction process creates a lot more dust than you can imagine. Try to vacuum and sweep up the dust throughout the process, in order to avoid huge load at the end. Then, when the construction is finished, clean the office from the ceiling to the floor with a vacuum and a damp sponge. Repeat the process as necessary. You can also try renting a heavy-duty vacuum with an HEPA filter for great results.

Be Careful When Removing Adhesive

Construction grade adhesive is made to last, so if you are not careful while removing it, you could damage the surface on which it rests. Use commercial adhesive remover or paint stripper to remove it. Use a light amount so that you don’t end up damaging your walls and then scrub away the adhesive with a soft cloth or sponge.

Plan for a Huge Pile of Trash

After a renovation, you will be left with huge amounts of trash in the form of excess materials, debris, packaging, dust, drywall and more. Sometimes you can collect this trash up and drag it to the curb as usual. Other times, you will need to hire a Post-construction Cleanup Broward company to drive away all of the garbage.

Your contractor may provide post construction cleaning services, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning and trash removal. If your contractor doesn’t provide this service, consider contacting a professional cleaning company to do the task. Not only will you save yourself time and efforts, but you won’t have to worry about renting special vacuums or learning new tricks to manage heaps of dust and debris.

If you need post-construction Broward, do yourself a favor and call Pro Facility Services. We will remove the entire mess, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Our services are reasonably priced and pocket-friendly.