You have probably been to a shopping center where the level of cleanliness was not up to the mark; the floors were muddy, the bathroom stinky and the shelves messy. Your eyes are wide open when you enter a shop for shopping, but are you able to notice the problems in your own establishment? Take a moment and look at your shopping center cleanliness from your consumers’ perfective. How much you would rate your store?

“5 on 5”, you might be thinking, “My store is clean”. However, when you own a store, it is easy to not notice things are very obvious to someone who doesn’t spend every day in the store. A consumer is more expected to see, say, an overflowing dustbin in the entryway than a worker who passes the dustbin many times a day.

Shopping center cleanliness: Main areas your consumers notice


Flooring is another area that is easily neglected. Wax build up, dirty tile and grout, loose sand, scuffs and dirt are definitely not appealing to consumers. Floor care Broward professionals know how to create floor maintenance programs that keep your floors in best shape, ensuring that your flooring will look attractive for as long as possible. And it is not only a way to give clients with a great shopping experience, but it is also a money saving technique. Regular floor maintenance programs can extend the need for restorative services.


The entryway of the store is the place where your customers make their first impression about your store’s cleanliness. A poorly kept entryway is going to make them think twice before they visit your store again. Cleaning services West Palm Beach ensure that your entryways are clean, with trash cans emptied, cobwebs removed and door and window frames wiped free of dust, oil and fingerprints. The carpets and floors are free of debris and properly cleaned, ensuring that they are attractive as well as safe.


Usually, shopping center cleanliness stops completely, just outside the restrooms. Employees want the restrooms to be clean but they don’t have any desire to do any cleaning. And rightly so, this job is better left to the pros. Remember that an unappealing bathroom might deter your visitors.

Some of the things to be taken care of in a restroom include:

  • Keeping the toilet supplies full (soap, hand towels and toilet paper)
  • Clean toilets that have been flushed.
  • Keeping the countertops and sinks free of soap and water buildup.
  • Keeping fixtures free from dust
  • Keeping the floor dry and clean
  • Keep the restroom smelling fresh

Shopping center cleanliness is something that can be maintained easily with the help of your employees and professional cleaning services West Palm Beach. And with clean grocery store you can easily give your customers a very positive impression, ensuring they always visit you.

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