We think of tiles as a beautiful, sturdy and long-term alternative to other flooring and bathroom options. And while it is correct that tiles add a strong aesthetic and value to your space, tile and grout cleaning is a difficult task, usually best handled by a professional floor cleaner at least once in a year. Here are tops reasons why:

  • Grout is difficult

Generally, people think of grout as the glue and cement that holds the tiles in place. It is true in many ways, but people generally don’t realize how susceptible grout is to stains and residue build-up. Mostly grout is cement based, which makes it porous. If your grout is improperly sealed, it is susceptible to staining and liquid penetration. A professional tile and grout cleaning expert will reseal the grout, if required.

  • Appearance

Professional services mean clean grout and sparkling tile. As residue builds up, it is generally difficult to tell how dirty and sticky your tile is, and even when you apply the energy and force to clean it, dirt and grime just redistributes. Professional cleaning products and tools, which are specifically designed for this purpose, are capable of breaking through stains and buildup, leaving you with shining bright tiles.

  • Price of tools

Professional cleaners invest in industrial grade cleaners and steamers, specifically designed to clean and reseal gout and tile. Basically, they are the essential tools to get the job done right and investing in the same equipment could prove really costly. So, hiring services of a professional can prove to be a better and cost-effective deal.

  • Time

Taking the job of cleaning each line of grout can be challenging. Not only it will be tiresome, but time consuming. So, it is always a better idea to hire services of professionals and let experts take over, because when trying to do things on your own, the price, inconvenience and time can go up exponentially.

  • Care and maintenance between cleanings

After taking a look at your floors, cleaning professionals will be able to recommend you the best and most effective way to maintain and care for your tile and grout between cleanings. With daily access and experience of using tools and products, there is no one who can give you a better advice.

Usually, we get stuck on the price of a service instead of understanding the long term advantage and cost-effectiveness. Projects like commercial cleaning, deep tile and grout cleaning are best left to the experts.

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Image Source: https://pixabay.com/