Stripping and waxing seem to be a very simple and straightforward job. You remove the old wax with a chemical and apply on new wax and in no time you will have sparkling, new like floors. But, are stripping and waxing actually this easy? The fact is that stripping and waxing a floor can be complicated and time consuming jobs especially if you have no prior experience and the right tools.

Add in the floor space of your commercial facility and amount of furniture you have and you can start to see why hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself.

Here is your quick guide to stripping and waxing and why the professionals are better suited to manage the work.

  • Cleaning

A clean floor is a must. Firstly, remove all the furniture and then sweep up the dust and dirt from the floor. If you see any stains or especially dirty areas, mop them properly. Just ensure the floor is completely dry before you begin stripping the floor.

  • Stripping

In order to strip off the wax from the floor, you will need two buckets, two mops, floor finish stripper, a scrubbing brush, a squeegee and possibly a putty knife. The right clothes are essential when working with chemicals. First, mix the stripper in a bucket, and take clean water in another bucket. With the help of a mop apply the stripper on the floor, and allow it to soak in. Use the scrubbing brush to remove any wax buildup, and use putty knife for any huge buildup. Remove the stripper with a squeegee and then mop the floor with clean water and allow it to dry.

  • Waxing

As compared to stripping, waxing is a little simpler. With the help of a mop apply the new wax in sections. Once you have applied it in the complete section, let it dry and then apply another layer. Read the label of the wax to see how many layers are recommended.

Let Pro Facility Services do the work for you

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