Inexperienced cleaners think they can only get rid of hard water stains from window surfaces when they apply great force in cleaning such surfaces. Well, if you belong to that category, you need to learn some new tricks before you get someone else’s window damaged for nothing. These hard water stains may appear difficult to remove, but with the right cleaner, they come off more natural than you can ever imagine. Follow this post carefully and find out how you can remove hard water stains on your windows without damaging it.

The Use of Acid Cleaners

Knowing the content of those hard water stains gives you a better understanding of how to deal with the problem. According to professional cleaners who are into Office Cleaning Miami, hard water stains are alkaline. The use of a suitable acid neutralizes the stains from the surface without you having to do too much.

Acid cleaners are effective in removing such stains. However, you must ensure you are observing every possible safety precaution. Put on your safety kits like protection eyeglasses, hand gloves and the rest. Be equally careful that you do not apply the acid cleaners to surfaces that have anything to do with food.

Plus, some surfaces are not friendly with acid cleaners, based on this you might want to contact your vendor or read the users’ manual very well before making use of any of such cleaners.

Saltwater Solution

If you hadn’t tried this before, you’d probably be asking yourself the secret behind this technique. A mixture of salt and water can break down the composition of the hard water stain. This technique like other efficient methods requires zero efforts for it to get rid of the stains. Spray the salt water mixture on the affected area and rub with a clean cloth. Move the fabric in a circular motion on the affected spot. After that rinse with water to ensure there are no salt residues remain on the window surface.

White Vinegar

Have you heard of this before? This is a colorless liquid that has the potential of breaking down the chemical composition of hard water stains. It weakens the nature of the stain with every touch. The colorless nature of this liquid means it is not leaving any further stains on your window after its usage. Most commercial cleaning services Miami springs prefer using it because it is a natural cleaner. And it is not as toxic as the regular acid cleaners. Hence, its mild nature has made it a preferable choice for many.

Making your windows sparkle again shouldn’t be something that should give you nightmares. It is just for you to use the right solutions and those hard stains are gone for good. Try one of the tips that have been mentioned above and be amazed at the result. Are you dealing with a Post-construction cleanup Broward or day porters services Broward? If yes, these tips can always come in handy.