People generally talk about “spring cleaning”, but what about summer cleaning? Or is winter and fall cleaning not really important?

The fact is that it is important to keep your office clean all through the year, irrespective of weather or season. However, depending on the season cleaning requirements may changes, because every season has its own unique challenges. People generally associate cold and flu season with winter, but actually, germs can spread all through the year. With so many people visiting your office daily, commercial spaces and office buildings are a particular hotbed for germs.

A typical workstation havens around 10 million bacteria, while a small elevator button can be full of millions of germs. To keep your employees productive and healthy, you must consider hiring an office cleaning Doral company. Pro Facility Services is here to offer you these commercial tips and tricks particularly prepared for the hot, humid summers.

  • Refrigerator cleaning: In offices ‘Fridge clean out’ signs are very common. But does it actually happen? Rarely. Ensure someone is responsible for the fridge cleaning and cleans it thoroughly in periodic intervals. Get rid of everything from the fridge, including the shelves and clean it thoroughly. At Pro Facility Services monthly fridge cleaning is our standard.
  • Bathroom air fresheners: It is important to maintain air fresheners in the bathrooms or they can get really smelly and feel unhygienic. Offices today prefer natural options like essential oils. So, make sure the bathroom of your office is always smelling clean and fresh and one doesn’t hesitate in using it.
  • Clean AC vents and light fixtures: This is an important office cleaning task that should be done montly. If your AC vents are dusty and your light fixtures have bugs and burnt out lights, you need to get this taken care of. Pro Facility Services can incorporate these tasks into your janitorial schedule.
  • Remove leftover food and drinks: Remember the other day when you were very busy and ate at your desk? Have your forgotten something in your drawers that day? Check if the dirty tupperware is still in your drawer, harboring hundreds of bugs.
  • Hire office cleaning company: The best and simplest way to keep your office clean is to hire professional office cleaning services for your Doral office. The professionals provide comprehensive cleaning services and clean everything inside out. You can also get their services personalized according to your cleaning requirements.

We hope these simple tips will help you keep your office clean and germ free this summer. If you need a helping hand to keep your office as clean as possible, then contact Pro Facility Services. We are just a call away.