Commercial and industrial floors are generally not as elegant as hardwood or glamorous as marble mosaic, but they definitely serve an important purpose. They are designed for durability and strength, delivering a high performance level in harsh industrial environments. However, if you wish to keep them attractive and retain their resilience through the years, you will have to go for the best industrial floor care Broward treatments.

  • Scrubbing

This is the most basic industrial floor care treatment. To thoroughly clean a commercial or industrial floor, you will need industrial-strength supplies and equipment; a broom and a mop won’t help. At least once a year, call in a commercial cleaning Broward company to get your floors in the best shape.

  • Stripping

In stripping, floor is cleaned of any dust, debris, wax etc. and leaving it clean. It is a labor-intensive process that requires both special equipment and technical skill. The products required vary based on the floor type; for example chemical used to clean stone flooring may not suit a vinyl composition tile floor.

  • Sealing

Sealing a floor assists it to take on whatever it must comfort; grime, grease, scuffing, moisture, abrasion etc. It must be applied to a clean, dry floor for best results. Sealant not only protects the industrial floors but it also adds texture to the floor. You could give the floor a sheen or go for a matte finish or make it shine.

  • Waxing

Floor wax is a type of sealant that protects the floor, creating a non-slip surface, and adds a nice gloss or shine. The product application should be done carefully; also it must be “topped up” from time to time.

  • Finishing

Finishing just like waxing gives similar results using a synthetic product. It can provide durability, slip resistance and shine. Both synthetic and natural wax finishes can keep your industry’s floors safe, clean and easy to maintain.

  • Buffing

Buffing gives your floor a facelift. It removes the topmost layer of the floor, smoothing away imperfections, nicks and scratches. After buffing, your floor will look fresher, more beautiful and more professional. Special equipment is necessary.

If you are considering applying any of these industrial floor care treatments then feel free to get in contact with Pro Facility Services. We have been providing commercial cleaning and floor care services from past many years and have all the essential equipment, supplies and skills required to give a commercial facility facelift.