Cold weather means the start of flu season. In winters, people are forced to spend more time indoor which increases transmission. Germy hands touching various surfaces, is not the only reason for increased transmission. When those infected hands come in contact with your nose or mouth, you are likely to be the next victim of flu. Even if only one or two persons are infected in your office, then also the flu can spread exponentially across whole office. And when that occurs, absenteeism increases and efficiency decreases. Due to this reason, your commercial cleaning Miami Lakes company is so important. It assists you prevent the spread of the flue in your office.

Influenza and other common bacterial illnesses and viruses impact facility managers and business owners significantly. Additionally, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate the flue or the risks associated with it, but you can decrease the impact of the flu in your commercial space with a few precautions you take internally and some help of professional commercial cleaning company. What you can do to assist decrease the spread of the flu in your office? Firstly, it is important to teach employees about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Secondly, you must discourage presenteeism. Presenteeism is coming to office even when one is unwell. This can boost the transmission of disease in your commercial facility.

Determine if commercial cleaning service you are using in Miami Springs is part of the problem or the solution?

So as a facility manager, you are doing your part to lessen the spread of the flu in your office, but is your commercial cleaning company also doing the same? Is your Miami Springs commercial cleaning company following the best techniques to keep your office clean and your staff members healthy? Are they decreasing the risk of cross contamination with color coded cloth systems and HEPA vacuums? Does your Miami Springs commercial cleaning company frequently changes mop water and mop heads to decrease the risk of cross contamination? Is your commercial cleaning company aware of the hot spots and touch points and do they concentrate on these spots where germs develop? If your commercial cleaning company is not doing its part to assist prevent the spread of illness in your workplace, it is time to rethink your cleaning.

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