There are numerous dangerous effects of using chemical cleaners in the workplace. The difficulty is that people need to have clean spaces, but not everyone trusts green cleaners to be effective. Certainly, your office space needs effective cleaners, but you can’t ignore the health and well-being of your employees.

Traditional chemical cleaners are toxic in nature and cause numerous health problems. Some of the common health hazards include: respiratory difficulties, burned skin, watery eyes and longer exposure to such chemicals also leads to serious health problems like cancer or even death. In chemical cleaners chemicals like phthalates are present which affect the endocrine system. 1.4-dichlorobenzene causes organ system toxicity and lung damage.

Terpenes is another popular chemical which after interacting with ozone, produce carcinogens. Benzene is another carcinogen which is associated to blood diseases like leukemia. Phenol is known to be damaging for your circulatory and respiratory systems, eyes, kidneys and liver. Butyl Cellosolve and formaldehyde have damaging effects on liver, bone marrow, kidneys and nervous system.

When toxic chemicals are used for workplace cleaning, they are inhaled by the inhabitants and thus they enter in their systems. These can also be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. So, when it comes to keeping your office clean, you must not only emphasize on cleanliness but also make sure that it is safe for your staff members, customers and associates. In this matter, using a commercial cleaning company that uses green cleaning practices is your best bet.

Green cleaning can be very effective in keeping the office space clean. Usually, people think that green cleaners are not effective or are too gentle in nature but that is not true. Green chemicals are as effective as chemical cleaners with only difference that there are no health hazards in case of the prior. Make sure that the cleaning company you hire uses biodegradable products. They should be very particular in things they don’t use, like “No Phosphates”.

It is better that you ask them about their cleaning procedures before you actually outsource their services. No established commercial cleaner will find your questions annoying or too personal, so if at all you feel that they are hesitating in replying or are keeping secrets from you, then it is a clear sign you need to interview more cleaning companies. Besides, you must focus on hiring a specialized commercial cleaning company, because they know the industry practices and commercial cleaning requirements well.

Keeping your workplace healthy is as important as keeping it clean and with companies like Pro Facility Services it is not difficult. So, give us a call now and ask as many questions as you want to ensure a completely clean and healthy workplace for your team.

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