Is your PC hidden under piles of papers or your desk is loaded with files all over? Your seniors and colleagues are judging you?

In a study, it was found that a majority of Americans judge their coworkers by how clean or messy they keep their desks. Meanwhile, almost half say they have been disgusted by how dirty a colleague’s desk is and most related it to sheer laziness.

With so many open office plans today, more people can see your workstation, and depending on its condition they can judge you and your working style. This might sound surprising but office clutter affects motivation and productivity. Your performance coincides with your office desk, and when it is precise and organized you have the right mindset and motivation to work.

If you have not handled your stuff from past quite some time then it might be time for some cleaning. Whether you are in a corner office or a cubicle, Miami janitorial service experts offer effective tips to streamline the mess and keep your workspace tidy always.

  • Set a Weekly Schedule to Clean

Colleagues typically associate a messy office with your organization skills and assume their proposal or project will get lost in the pile of files on your desk. It is vital to periodically declutter, so that it doesn’t accumulate over time and become too challenging to tackle. You can try setting a reoccurring reminder on your calendar to reorganize your desk for 20 minutes once every week. Throw away any trash or items you don’t need anymore, file lose papers and collect personal items that need to be taken home.

  • Don’t Make Piles, Organize Your Stuff

If you think that making piles of your files and lose papers will makes your desk look organized, then you are mistaken. Remember the space is not the issues, the issue is too much stuff and how you keep it. It is better to have zones in your office for different functions, like a desk for your laptop or PC, a drawer to keep important papers and files, a rack to store your other stuff. Make sure everything has a place and then set limits on the amount of items in each.

  • Your Workstation is not a Storage Space

Flat surface or your desk should be clear. The only stuff you should keep on your desk should be the stuff you need immediately. Pen stand, notepad and your PC or laptop are good, remove everything else. Keep all the other stuff in drawers and racks.

  • Disinfect Regularly

Being neat and tidy is half the battle. You are also required to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, food stains and fingerprints. Experts suggest regularly disinfecting wipes and giving your monitor, keyboard, desk, phone a wipe down every week at least once. For this most of the commercial spaces or offices rely on good Miami Janitorial Services, because nobody disinfects commercial space like the professionals.

According to a survey, three quarters of workers think people are most efficient when their office desk is clean. If you have gotten rid of visible clutter, you can easily get the dust, bacteria and other allergens cleaned by a professional Miami Janitorial Service provider to ensure complete cleanliness and high productivity.