With many students and staff spending in the classroom all the day, it is inevitable that a lot of dirt and grime keeps on accumulating over time. Also, the bacteria and germs tend to spread quickly, creating an environment that is more prone to make them sick.

You need cleaning experts to do the job and commercial cleaning services South Palm Beach is the right choice for your school cleaning.

Professional cleaning service companies follow classroom cleaning checklist, and we have listed a few areas that have to be kept clean professionally daily.


If your classroom has lots of upholstered furnishing, then it is essential to vacuum frequently to keep dust at bay. Soft furnishings catch dust and might trigger allergic reactions and asthma. Hence, regular vacuuming is necessary for everyone in the classroom.


Anybody can know how dirty the classroom floor can get over the course of the day. You can notice muddy footprints on the floor, dropped pencil shavings, trash all over the classroom at the end of the day. Hence, it is necessary to clean and mop the floor daily to get rid of the dirt and dust. Our Commercial cleaning company can help you keep your school and classroom premises clean in the best possible way using the best cleaning techniques.

Tidy The Desks

Students’ desks are areas to host several bacteria and germs. It is an area which needs a good cleaning with an antibacterial cleaner to keep the germs at bay.

Empty trash bins:

To keep the classroom look neat and free from foul odors, we have to dispose of the waste from the trash bins.

Wipe Down the Door Knobs

To prevent the bacteria from spreading you have to make sure the doors and door knobs, switches, window latches all should be wiped off using an antibacterial cleaner. These areas lay an environment for the bacteria to live and grown and cleaning them can keep the classroom free from harmful germs.

Our Cleaning service West Palm Beach make use of the best equipment and products to ensure the classroom is clean and free from any germs and bacteria.


Dust often pile up in areas such as shelves, cabinets and hence, it is essential to make sure all these areas are clean and kept in the best condition.


Students use the refrigerator to store their lunch. It is inevitable that food spillages often occur. Hence, it is essential to keep the refrigerators clean using an antibacterial cleaner at the end of the day.

Kitchen and Sink Area

The sink and kitchen areas should be clean and free from food particles or drink. They should be kept clean using antibacterial products. You have to hang out the damp cloths to dry to avoid any foul odors.

These cleaning tasks should be done by professionals only as they keep the environment clean and hygienic and use the best equipment, products, and state-of-art cleaning techniques. Call our experts today to find your quote.