For every parent whose kids are in school their biggest concern is how their kids can stay healthy and avoid coming in contact with germs in the school.

As a parent you must know about the germiest places and contact the school administration to determine how to make these sports cleaner? The center point for cross contamination in any educational institute is the restroom. Thousands of germs originate there are carried throughout other areas in the facility through hand contact. This is heightened because kids are notorious for not washing their hands.

Other areas that are found to be germiest in schools include:

Desktops are found to have high concentrations of organisms because of high hand contact and lack of proper cleaning by cleaning staff.

Cafeteria tables are also harbors for food residues, germs, thousands of hands and poor cleaning leads to a cafeteria for bacteria that is easily transmitted by students.

Water fountains also have huge levels of contamination. Just look a line of kids using the taps. These also don’t receive proper cleaning.

Even though wrestling or gymnastic mats are not used by all students, these are one of the dirtiest surfaces we have ever found in an educational facility. Regular cleaning is not done; also coaches are not educated on the importance of or how to execute proper cleaning. Thousands of young gymnasts develop infections like ring worm, pink eye, MRSA every year.

For the safety of the students, parents should come together and prepare a task force for cleaner school. They should be at every school board meeting and ask for cleaner school in order to decrease the risk of illness. Because of tight budgets, one of the primary things to get cut is custodial operations, even if the custodians are trained about proper cleaning most lack the right equipment to do the type of cleaning that is essential.

What are the most effective ways to prevent illness at school? What cleaning products do commercial cleaning services South Palm Beach recommends?

Decreasing the risk of contracting an illness is a combination of effective commercial cleaning and personal hygiene. So, schools must make it a point to hire the best commercial cleaning services South Palm Beach as well as educate students about personal hygiene responsibility like hand washing. Professionals use advanced disinfectants and latest cleaning technology to capture and remove dust, dirt and germs.

Educate kids about how germs are transmitted through hand to face contact. Teach them to wash hands often using soap and water and use hand sanitizers especially before and after eating and after using the washroom. Make sure they have a pack of disinfectant wipes so they can keep their desk clean as well as other areas they use like cafeteria desks. With these basic steps you can prevent every illness; studies show that they will decrease the risk as much as 50%.

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