Holiday season is just around the corner and during this season many people travel to meet their family, friends or to explore a new location. If you are also planning a travel then here is something to brighten up your holiday travel prospects. Airports and airplanes are important gathering places for germs from across the globe. Nothing spoils a tour more than spending it in bed with a germ you picked up at the time of travel. And nothing can spread it more than packing a lot of people in a small area.

So be careful and take measures to stay well. The first preventive measure is to carry alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer. Then, know the favorite places of microbes where they like to linger. Here we are listing a few of them.

  • The airport/ airplane toilet: The washrooms on airport and in airplane are the germiest place on a trip. As a result, the surfaces of these washrooms hub E. coli and other infections agents. The door handles, sink and the soap and paper dispenser have germs. These devices are hardly cleaned properly between flights, especially continuing flights.

Tip: Avoid using the restrooms when travelling. If necessary or travelling on a long route, make sure that you use paper towels to open and close the door and turn faucets on and off. Before flushing close the lid of the toilet. Carry sanitizing wipes and use them when you are done.

  • Onboard magazines: Travelers touch airplane magazines with dirty hands and sometimes they even spill their drinks and food on the magazines.

Tip: Carry your own reading material and touch nothing except the emergency evacuation instructions from the things kept on the back of the seat. Use the alcohol wipes.

  • Water fountains: Public drinking fountains can have as many as 2.7 million bacteria per square inch of the faucet.

Tip: Avoid drinking water from fountains. Carry your own water bottles. Or buy water bottles from the vendors present at the airport. In the plane, ask for bottles water from the attenders because on-board tap water can harbor germs.

  • The airline blankets and pillows: Out of 100 blankets and pillows on an airplane, 5 will contaminated with virus of cold and flu from drool, sneezes or coughs.

Tip: Instead of using pillow and blankets of your airplane service, bring your own pillow and blanket. Or if you have forgotten to bring them along, then use your coat as blanket and use that sweater as pillow by balling it up.

So, if you are planning to travel in this holiday break then do keep the above mentioned tips in mind and avoid falling ill during your vacations.

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