People who work in retail know that retail restroom cleaning can often be challenging. Especially at times of high footfall, it can be difficult to spare even one employee to take care of the same. Your restroom might not be assisting your store’s image, and that is the reason why it should be a bigger priority in your company- not just for the sake of your reputation but cleanliness and hygiene in general. Let’s discuss how to manage the restrooms in your shopping center.

Cleaning Supplies Basket

Make sure that you have the right set of tools to perform retail restroom cleaning. Right cleaning begins with a well-stocked cleaning supplies basket that is always available for any cleaning emergency. Ensure that you have sufficient toilet bowl brushes, disinfecting sprays and cleaning cloths.

Mop Correctly

Always use environment friendly cleaning supplies when mopping floors for green cleaning. To loosen grout in tiles, gently spray some solution to soak in for a few minutes before wiping it up. Use a clean mop with fresh water and do final mopping for a clean surface.

Conduct A Deep Clean

At least every three months, you should perform a deep clean. Wash the tile walls, sanitize the floors and clean paper product fixtures. Each of these restroom commercial cleaning tasks is an item that should be checked off during every clean, but when it is time for deep cleaning, you should spend more time on each of these tasks for maximum cleanliness.

Check Thoroughly

When cleaning the restroom fixtures, test them to ensure they are working fine and fully stocked. Check toilet paper dispensers, paper towel holders and soap dispensers, wiping them down to disinfect them in the process. If you find anything is non-working condition, replace it immediately.

Be Consistent

Try, if possible to have the same people clean your restrooms, so they know how to clean the bathrooms for the perfect shine and smell. When teaching them to clean efficiently and effectively, tell them to focus on cleaning thoroughly to avoid a buildup of foul odors.

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