Depending on the company for which a facilities manager works, he or she has a big job. In most cases, this individual is responsible for everything from managing communications and allocating office space to supervising grounds keeping, vending machine stocking and equipment maintenance.

Managing the commercial cleaning team of the facility should not be part of that list. Well, that is not completely true. Choosing the best commercial cleaning company is definitely within the job description, but the constant management of that team is not something that is the responsibility of the facility manager. It is the responsibility of the leading commercial cleaning company.

We talk to a number of facilities managers in Miami-Dade and when they ask us to visit their facility and assess its cleaning needs; we usually ask why they are unsatisfied with their present commercial cleaning service. What we get to hear the most is that they are highly frustrated by crews that:

  • Don’t show up on time
  • Are not regular
  • Are uninterested about the work, perform subpar work
  • Don’t stick to their words or made commitment

FM says, these things are not only frustrating, but they require a huge amount of their time to manage these teams- to find out where they are, to check their work, and to follow up to ensure they are doing all that is expected from them.
So, what is the solution? Ensure your cleaning team is well managed by its own leadership. This should include:

  • Regular and surprise inspections of the professional to make sure that the quality of cleaning is extraordinary.
  • A senior professional to check that all the expectations of the clients are being met at all times.
  • Thorough, ongoing training of the team members to ensure they are always using the most effective and safest cleaning techniques.

Facility managers also say they are dissatisfied by lack of communication with the cleaning company owner or team, and by lack of positive input into the facilities maintenance and appearance. While it requires commitment to solve these issues and do whatever is required to ensure complete customer satisfaction, that also requires customer inputs to improve the quality of work.

So actually, it is the job of a commercial cleaning company not just to clean, but to take responsibilities off the facility manager’s shoulders by actively managing its team. Also, it is commercial cleaning company’s job to give facility managers one less thing to worry about.

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