Imagine this: You have an important client meeting and your prospective client is visiting your office first time to close the deal and sign the legal documents, but the first thing he sees is an overflowing trashcan. Sadly, this situation is very common and will create a negative poor impression on your clients and staff.

At Pro Facility Services we have just the right service to help you avoid such situations and keep your office inviting and productive. Our daytime porter service will not just prevent embarrassing situations, like an overflowing trashcan, it will also constantly keep your office space looking spotless, both inside and out. Having a day porter in office is great for various reasons, including:

Instant response to emergency clean up situations- overflows, spills, stains etc.
Common areas, break rooms and bathrooms will be kept hygienic, clean and presentable all day.

Trash will be handled, avoiding any overflow

Overall, we can say if you want to impress your customers and maintain an efficient workforce, a day porter is the solution to all your concerns; however if you are still not sure, read the benefits of having a day porter, below:

Improve Company’s Appearance With West Palm Beach FL Day Porter Services

First impressions are everything. The primary thing that your customer notices is the exterior of your building. You wouldn’t a stained shirt and dirty shoes to an important business meeting, similarly, you want to ensure your building is always looking great. Pro Facility Services’ day porter services keep the exterior of your office building looking its best. Maintaining the appearance of your building will help go a long way.

Keep Corridors Safe With Day Porter

Even in your worst nightmares you don’t want to see your employee or client slip or injure themselves while in your office. You can never be too careful when it comes to maintaining your corridors. Our day porter services will keep corridors clear of slippers spills and debris so you can rest assured about on-site injuries.

Your Employees Will Have a Sense of Pride

As an employer, you get a great deal satisfaction and improved job performance when your staff members take pride in their office space. Studies suggest that the environment which a company maintains and creates has a huge impact on the efficiency of the employees. Employees who work in a tidy, clean office will feel comfortable and cared for by their employer.

No Need to Worry About Cleanliness and Upkeep

With efficient day porter in your workplace you can keep your focus on more important things without having to worry about the exterior appearance.
To know more about our day porter services or Office Cleaning services in Palm Beach, feel free to get in contact with us. We are just a phone call away.