It is a well-known fact that bacteria and germs are everywhere. In facts, items like desks and keyboards can surface 21, 000 germs or 10 million bacteria per square inch. While not all bacteria are hazardous to your health, it is essential to keep various items clean in order to decrease chances of contact with the harmful bacteria and germs.

Use the following tips to protect yourself and your employees from hazardous germs and bacteria.

Use multi-tasking products

Although markets are filled with specialty cleaning products and tools to clients, but sometimes an effective all-purpose disinfecting cleaner is all you need. An effective disinfecting all-purpose cleaner is good for cleaning glass, disinfecting bathroom and cleaning floors.

Have the right tools

Right and effective tools are a must when it comes to commercial cleaning. Specialty cleaning tools like microfiber cleaning cloths, sponges, scrubbers, vacuum with HEPA filters, Verilux Wand and microfiber mops are all essential to ensure spotless surroundings.

Power washing

Power washing is an effective way to clean dirt, grime, dust, debris, soil and other dirt elements from the surfaces. No matter how stubborn or sticky the spots and stains are, with power washing you can get rid of them all and have a shining and eye-pleasing floor area.

Start with declutter

Professional commercial cleaning services know the importance of decluttering before cleaning and disinfecting the surface. Removing excess items from areas allows professionals to do their work smoothly and more effectively. Ensure everything is in its right place, then start the process of cleaning and dusting to get the desired results. Many janitorial cleaning services provide decluttering services to clients at pocket friendly rates.

Follow a proper approach

Professionals don’t just walk into your commercial space and start cleaning the room. They follow a proper action plan. Begin with one point and clean in a circle, until the whole room is completed. Following a proper method ensures that dust and dirt of one item doesn’t gets collected on the already cleaned items. Also, it allows professionals to stay on task and complete job on time.

Watch carefully

Once you feel that you are done cleaning everything, get down to eye level. Look for any signs of debris, dirt and dust that may have been left behind and clean them immediately. In other words, double check your work before leaving the project site.

With the risk of disease and other germs increasing, it is very important to keep your surroundings and facilities clean. This might sound strange, but the flu virus can remain on surfaces for up to 2 days.

Consider the above tips from Commercial Cleaning Company Miami to keep your employees happy and healthy. Or contact Pro Facility Services today to ensure complete cleanliness in your commercial space.

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