Possibly your commercial cleaning service in South Palm Beach started strong but has eventually deteriorated its quality of services. Or probably their services were never up to mark. Possibly you have been considering changing your commercial cleaning services. But which way do you turn without right information when it comes to choosing from the many commercial cleaning services?

Here are top issues that we hear most from facility managers and what you can do to find a janitorial cleaning company worth your cleaning budget.

Does your janitorial cleaning company uses poorly maintained or dated equipment?

The cleaning industry has revolutionized in past few years in terms of equipment and cleaning products. Equipment that are used today are more efficient, cleaner and greener. Quality products can cut labor hours helping you save money. Outdated and inefficient equipment just doesn’t work. So, if your company uses such equipment there is a problem.

Do you struggle with communication with your commercial cleaning company?

Communication is important when delivering any service. From requesting the free quotation to your first meeting, your Miami-Dade janitorial cleaning company should try to completely understand what you expect from them. Your commercial company’s work is mainly to solve your issues and in order to do that they must stay in regular contact with you. If you don’t hear from them regularly, there is a problem.

Does your building maintenance suffer due to problems of commercial cleaning services’ people?

Cleaning is a service business and like every service business, even this one relies on people to deliver cleaning services. Due to this reason, people are the foundation of any cleaning company. If your commercial cleaning company is taking shortcuts with any of their people processes, it will definitely reflect in your facility’s cleanliness. Some of the most common areas of concern include: insufficient or improper staff, illegal hiring, no background checks and a lack of training and knowledge. All these issues bring service and security concerns that can be difficult to address.

Does your janitorial cleaning company respond late?

A lack of responsiveness form your commercial service is a huge issue. Definitely, mistakes occur, issues happen but if your Miami-Dade cleaning company is not rectifying them rapidly and bringing service back on track, your building maintenance will suffer.

Are your janitorial cleaning prices imprecise?

Unclear, ill-defined pricing from your janitorial cleaning company or a confusing cleaning quotation can be a primary sign of trouble from a janitorial cleaning company. Not just do fuzzy prices make it complicated to compare commercial cleaning quotes in order to choose the one that provides you and your commercial space the best value. Often the pricing is imprecise because a janitorial cleaning company is inexperienced in their services as well as pricing.

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Image Source: pixabay.com