Your retail store sees a lot of footfall during the winters. Everybody goes out for holiday shopping and you have a tremendous amount of work before getting ready for the rush. It can be easy to forget your floors while you are busy arranging the display, doing holiday decoration and getting the new stocks. However, your floors also deserve some holiday love. And you should have commercial cleaning company Miami deep clean, strip, re-wax and polish your store’s flooring before the holiday shopping gets high.

If you are thinking, “why?”, then continue reading. Below are top reasons.

  • Maintaining Appearances and Making Polished Impressions

It hardly helps to have a perfect Christmas decoration if the floor beneath is scuffed and dingy. It will look messy and showy by association. It is same as pairing a formal holiday suit with shabby shoes. Your consumers will spot the contrast.

And if your department store has mixed flooring, including carpeted areas, a deep cleaning will make sure carpets look like new and are not harboring allergens or odors. It is crucial to make a positive impression on shoppers. The right commercial cleaning Miami experts know the importance of appearance for your business, and they know how to make your retail store look sparkling clean.

  • High Traffic Protection

There will be a lot of feet on your commercial flooring. Some of those feet will be encased in stiletto heels or hard boots. And it is not just feet putting stress on your floors. Heavy packages and displays are also going to be dragged across the surface. Your departmental store’s flooring needs a fine coat of wax to protect it from any wear and tear. Or else, worn spots will appear on your floors and the surface will be uneven. Have your commercial cleaning company strip, re-wax and polish your store’s flooring as a way of protecting against severe damage during the upcoming high footfall holiday shopping season. If you have carpeted area, then worry not, your commercial cleaning company can help you with carpet cleaning as well.

  • Be Ready for The New Year

A Dirty store is a bad way to welcome the New Year and with hectic week sales usually extending into the New Year, there will be a lot going on during December to arrange for a floor re-waxing. That makes now the ideal time to have the right commercial cleaning company give your store’s flooring the treatment and protection it needs to be ready for the New Year.

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