Your parking lot has to face a number of things like heavy traffic, garbage, leaves, gravel and other debris that can cause serious damage to the appearance of your parking lot, as well as to the reputation of your business. If left untreated, a dirty parking lot can lead to:

  • Quicker deterioration, cracks and pot holes
  • Damage your parking lot’s sealant and coating
  • Loss of business from apprehensive clients

That being said, businesses can benefit tremendously from keeping their parking lot clean. This won’t only help you save tons on parking space repair costs, but it also assists your business make a great first impression. In this blog post, we will be discussing top 3 reasons to invest in a regularly scheduled parking lot cleaning service West Palm Beach.

Cleanliness begins in the parking space

While you might think what happens outside, remains outside, the matter of fact is that a clean inside stems from a clean parking area outside. Foot traffic into your office carries dirt and dust from your parking space, which in turn, gets trapped in your carpets. You can decrease the amount of debris entering into your office by keeping your parking lot clean. Not just this, but a clean parking lot also encourages visitors to use bins when throwing away their trash.

Avoid pavement repairs and save money

It is true that parking lot deterioration possibly is not on the forefront of most business owners’ minds. However, once they see all of the zeros on the repair bill of their parking space that changes really fast. Without a regular sweeping or power washing, garbage, dirt and other debris slowly breaks down pavement of your parking space, decreasing its lifespan and enhancing the need for service. And with the price of that service greatly exceeding the price of a routine sweeping, businesses can save thousands of dollars by keeping their parking lots clean. Moreover, increasing the frequency of power sweeping can increase the life of your stripping and sealcoat by 20-30%.

Ensure great first impression

As already said, keeping your parking space clean assists make a great first impression for your company. Think about the businesses you visit or stores where you shop. What are the parking areas like? Definitely, there is no debris and garbage scattered all over. Exterior of your business should reflect the quality of the work you do on the inside, and your parking space is one of the primary places to begin.

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