Do you feel that it is time to hire a new commercial cleaning service in Miami? Maybe your current cleaning company is not doing the job right, or probably their prices have increased but their services don’t justify the increased cost. If you are still unsure, below are a few reasons why it is time to hire a new commercial cleaning service in Miami.

  • Inconsistent Service

When you enter your commercial facility after your current cleaning service finishes their work, are you sure that will be welcomed in immaculate surroundings or you walk carefully, unsure of where you will find the debris and grime? If your commercial cleaning service was always lower standard, you would have fired them long back.

If you are not very sure what your cleaning company is contractually obligated to do, it is time you go through your agreements carefully. A quality service provider is completely transparent of their pricing as well as their offered services. If your current cleaning company is not doing its job the way they agreed to do on a regular basis, it is time to hire a new commercial cleaning Miami Lakes company.

  • Lack of Communication

Do you call your cleaning company and never get a proper response or solution to your problem? When you have an issue or complaint, how does your team of cleaners resolves it? Do you get proper reassurance that everything will be handled professionally, but you never see the issue getting resolved?

A failure to communicate is a key problem which might lead you to hire a new commercial cleaning company.

  • High Employee Turnover

You are careful about the people that access every nook and corner of your office and when your commercial cleaning company has high employee turnover that means there will be new people in your office every day. If your cleaning company is having a tough time finding people to cover their clientele, it is probably because they are not able to fully train their new employees.

Sadly, you are paying for these new joinees to be trained on the job and you are not getting the standard of cleaning that you expect. In addition, it is possible that tasks are being overlooked and there is a probability that your surfaces or equipment could be damaged. If you are not satisfied with how your office looks after cleaning, it might be time to hire a new commercial cleaning company in Miami.

If you are tired of poor quality cleaning services, consider working with a company that values their clients. The Pro Facility Services provides high-quality Commercial Cleaning and Post Construction Cleaning at a reasonable price in Miami. For more details, feel free to contact us.