Cubicles or fabric-covered panels are a common piece in many commercial spaces. Offices in Miami Springs generally hire commercial cleaning services for their hard-floors or carpets; however these upholstered walls are generally overlooked or neglected. Here are top reasons fabric walls care should be part of your commercial cleaning plan.

  • Controlling dust mites

Dust mites are known to live in bedding, but are easily carried from home to office on clothing- ultimately finding their way into fabric-covered walls, upholstered furniture and carpet. The fabric covered walls act like standing dust traps, capturing dirt, dust and other airborne debris and irritants, like dander (dead skin cells), the main diet of dust mites. Do you know that an average adult may shed up to 1.5 grams of skin in a day and that would be enough food for 1 million dust mites. Lack of cleaning results in allergen and dirt buildup increasing dust mite populations, that can cause health issues or allergies.

  • Reducing allergens

Allergies are one of the most common reasons why people take sick leave. While dust mites themselves are not hazardous, these microscopic bugs release waste that can cause allergy or asthma symptoms like runny nose, watery or red eyes, sneezing, headaches and problem in breathing. Regular cleaning with a HEPA-filtration vacuum can decrease dust, mites and allergens while assisting improve indoor air quality.

  • Removing unsightly spots

Stains and spills on cubicle walls from food, soda, coffee are unattractive and unhealthy, giving a breeding ground for bacteria as well as creating poor odor. Fingers or dirty hands can also create dirty marks as well as negative impressions of your workplace on visitors. Proper deep cleaning can remove spots, freshen the fabric and keep your office looking great for employees as well as visitors.

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