Are you in the hunt for a successful and qualified commercial cleaning company? Or are you having sleepless nights identifying the reliable cleaning companies because everyone is claiming to become one? Here are top ten questions you can ask to help you narrow down your applicants to the best of the best.

How Long have you been in the Business?

Experience cannot be traded for anything as far as Cleaning Services West Palm Beach are concerned. If the task you intend to have assigned demands a significant level of experience, then you ought to confront your applicants with this question before going any further. Investigate the history of the companies you are interviewing. That will help you settle for the best.

How do you Qualify your Employees?

The kind of employees you have in your workforce as a Commercial Cleaning Company Miami will determine the kind of services you’ll be rendering. Find out if the company carries out personality testing on their employees. And also confirm if they check past employment of their employees before hiring. These employee features have a lot of influence on any commercial cleaning task.

What Kind of Training Do you Offer your Employees?

There is a famous saying – You cannot give what you do not have. Employees can only perform to the best of their knowledge. Hence, the kind of training they get upon being hired is significant and has a considerable effect on their performances.

How Do you Inspire your Team?

The kind of motivation a cleaning company gives to its employees is also crucial. Employees are sure to give in their best if they are properly motivated.

Do you have Any Insurance Package?

Trust me, the last thing you want to do is work with a firm that lacks an insurance plan. Working with a commercial Cleaning Service West Palm Beach without any insurance plan is only going to present trouble in the end.

How often do you Change your Employees on a Client Side?

You do not want to have new guys coming in and out of your facility. Having the same set of employees sent to clean your facility now and then is the best. When the same set of employees visit your facility for the usual maintenance, they get used to it with time. It allows them to do a better job than those coming in for the first time.

What Control Measures do you Use to Ensure Quality Services?

One of the ways through which janitorial services Miami do this is by having a regular inspection of the facility they have been contracted to maintain.

What are your Green-cleaning Plans?

What green-cleaning initiatives are they implementing? Or are they still in the era of using high-energy machines to do their jobs? You need to be sure of what their green strategies are.

CIMS Certified?

You can reserve this question for the last. Know if your applicants are CIMS certified. If they aren’t, the job is not for them.

These are top ten questions that can help you arrive at choosing the best commercial cleaning company for that cleaning job you are about to give out.