You only get one chance to make a first impression. When customers visit your office, the reception or front desk is their primary point of contact, and what they see will decide their views about your business.

Here are top ways to assist ensure that your reception makes the best first impression.

  • Keep the Air Fresh

Lots of offices in West Palm Beach FL have air conditioning systems that run constantly for 8 hours per day. This means the air is circulated constantly Regular maintenance of the system is essential to maintain inside air quality. You should get the AC air filter cleaned frequently. Also change air filters every years to keep dust, germ and other pollutants away. A good filter helps keep the dust levels low in your office and this makes for a healthy work place.

  • Maintain Flooring

A striking reception area begins from the ground up, so check the condition of your floor. Reception is an area that has the highest footfall in an office, with customers, employees constantly entering and exiting. As a result, flooring can get dirty really fast and can wear out sooner. Install heavy duty flooring and maintain the aesthetics of your reception area by ensuring it is cleaned often, with apt stain removal products where required. If the area is carpeted then you must get the carpet professionally cleaned regularly.

  • Clean the Windows

Windows are a reflection of your organization, so it is essential to make certain they are always clean and shiny. If customers enter through glass doors, you have to give special attention to this area too. A door covered in greasy handprints can work negatively for your brand image and reputation.

  • Dust it All

The front desk or reception is not the first place customers see on entering the office, it is also where they spend the most time waiting. If windowsills, tables, chairs, lampshades and artifacts are dusty, customers will spot it, and might wonder if the lack of attention stretches beyond the cleanliness.

Why you should call Office Cleaning West Palm Beach FL company
A clean and welcoming reception area can prove helpful in showing customers that you care about your office as well as client service and make a good first impression always.

But it is essential to understand that office cleaning is something best left to the professionals, who are trained in proper office cleaning in West Palm Beach FL and have the right cleaning equipment and products to deal with high traffic areas.

Office cleaning services in West Palm Beach FL are a great way to keep your reception area and the rest of the office not just clean but hygienic too.