At workplaces a huge variety of people come together: creative and analytical, young and old and slobs and neat freaks. If you are amongst the very tidy employees, you might wonder how to deal with dirty workmates.

What should you do if your workmate leaves his work station a mess every day? What is the right way to confront a colleague that doesn’t cleanup the desk after eating lunch? What to do if your colleague builds up trash beneath his desk? As shared areas, office should remain organized and clean. As we discussed earlier in many of our posts that unclean office space can affect productivity, morale and employee health, customers’ impressions of the business and a lot more. Below are a few tips to deal with dirty workmates.

Some coworkers are just plain sloppy. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can improve the situation without causing unnecessary conflict in your professional relationship.

Consider hiring janitorial cleaning Palm Beach service

First, discuss the situation with your boss and suggest the hiring of a janitorial cleaning service. This would ensure that employees could focus on their work instead of worrying about cleaning work. It would also prevent you from having to confront any sloppy colleagues. Most importantly, a professional commercial cleaning company would give top-notch cleaning services, so you won’t have to worry about employee cleaning the office space poorly.

Put in effect a new company-wide policy

This is essential, especially if the problem extends beyond one dirty coworker; consider implementing a company-wide policy about cleaning and organization. Put up the rules on the notice boards. Here are a few common office cleaning rules:

  • Keep your workstation organized
  • Don’t collect trash or recycling beneath your desk
  • If food splatters in the microwave or fridge, clean it immediately
  • Don’t eat at your desk
  • Wash all dishes promptly
  • Clean up after yourself in the pantry
  • Take help of management to address the problem

Rather than confronting your sloppy coworker on your own, discuss the situation with the management. Depending on the hierarchy of your company, you might talk to your team lead, boss, manager or HR executive. Once the situation has been brought to the attention of the management, they can decide the best way to deal with it. They might speak to the worker personally, send a circular to the whole team or create a new policy about employee cleaning responsibilities.

Discuss in a friendly manner

If the management asks you to discuss your feelings with your colleague, do so in a friendly conversation. Possibly at happy hour or over lunch, explain your concern privately and politely. Make sure your tone remains casual and calm.

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