Deciding if you should do your construction cleanup is an important question. If you are also confused that whether to clean all the post construction mess yourself or hire a commercial cleaning company providing post construction cleanup in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, then in this blog post we will give you many reasons to not to do it yourself.

Homeowners constantly look for opportunities and chances where they will be able to save some money. In such instances, if we talk about construction industry then it is one of the industries where you need to watch every penny whether you are going for a new construction or upgrading your present property. If you are a homeowner doing remodel or new construction, saving every penny is very important, so cutting back on clean up may seem to be an easy area to do. But you should not. Construction clean up is difficult, dirty and can be dangerous. Between chemicals and sharp objects, you can get seriously injured. Do it yourself is not a very smart idea.

Construction is a messy job. The contractors who carry out the construction job only do basic sweeping to make their job easier. Post construction, the best you can expect from your builder s a swept through site. You might consider taking the job in your own hands, but it is not as easy as it seems. You not only have to invest time and efforts but you will also need right tools and equipment to handle dangerous and dirty construction material and waste. Construction leaves behind a mess: dust from drywall, sawdust, paint spatters on floors, left over construction materials, broken tiles, and dirt tracked in from outside.

Left over construction material can include porcelain, wood, metal and other materials. In some jobs toxic chemicals are also used. Will you be able to judge what needs to disposed off and how? What can be recycled? The dust and dirt not just gets where you can see it, but also where your eyes can’t reach very easily like duct work. So, it is a lot of work, more than you can imagine and handle. A cleaning company like Pro Facility Services has the tools to do the job right. They have the knowledge about disposing off the waste and what can be recycled and where to take it.

They provide comprehensive services which include: carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, pressure washing etc. They will dust walls, ceilings, floors, ducts, heating and air conditioning grates and anything that could probably have dust left behind. They also do polishing of fixtures, vents, lighting, and more. After the complete cleanup is finished, they will also dispose off the materials well so there are no problems with the environment, municipality or getting any occupancy permit.

Finally, there are two types of post construction cleans: rough and final cleans. The rough clean gets the heavy stuff and bulk of the dust and debris out of the way for final touches – such as painting, wall paper, etc. The final clean is just that, a final clean before you or you tenants move in.

So, unless you have experience and knowledge about post construction, don’t try cleaning up your construction site on your own. Hire a pro like Pro Facility Services who specialize in Construction Cleanup in Miami-Dade & Broward & Palm Beach. Give us a call now.