Carpets not just give your office a facelift but they also prevent your flooring from getting dirty or damaged. But, your carpet is one furnishing that attracts dust and dirt in huge amount, which not only affects the beauty and aesthetics of your home or office but also lead to various health issues like allergies.

Usually people think that cleaning carpets is just about removing surface dirt and stains. But this is definitely not the case. Getting your carpets cleaning properly is also about hygiene, particularly if you experience high foot fall in your office or have kids or pets at home.

When you stop and think about it, you will certainly realize how many allergens, germs and chemicals are tracked onto your carpet daily.

Clean carpets for hygiene

Just for one day retrace your steps and you will understand how many unwanted things you are bringing to your carpets. And in offices hundreds of visitors come in a day and you can’t be sure about their day’s journey and what all they might bring to your carpets.

Some of the common things that people walk on or step in everyday and bring with their shoes to deposit on carpet are as follows:




  • Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Chemicals
  • Pollen
  • Garbage residue
  • Pesticides
  • Food particles
  • Volatile organize compounds
  • Gypsum and more

This clearly shows that why it is important to have your carpets cleaned.

Inside issues for carpet

This might sound surprising but not all contaminants and allergens are outside. The interior of your office is not immune to allergens and contaminants, either.
For example, dust mites live in carpet and are responsible for irritation in eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing and number of other allergy symptoms. There are also other allergens and contaminants like smoke, dirt, air fresheners and even candles. All of these can cause allergies. There are studies that verify that carpets not cleaned and maintained well have the potential to cause a number of health problems inside the environment of the building.

So, as you can see having clean carpets is not only an advantage from an aesthetic point of view but will also assist you and your staff members stay healthy.

Cleaning is the therapy of carpet

While being healthy is of great importance and possibly the important reason for having your carpets properly cleaned, there is one more advantage.

Regular, deep carpet cleaning will significantly improve the life of your carpet and keep it looking great. Eventually, as grime and dirt build up in the fibers of your carpet, they start to weaken it, which causes the carpet to wear out more rapidly as compared to a carpet that is cleaned regularly.

Carpet cleaning assists keep it hygienic, fresh and in better state.

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