Winters can easily make a great office look bad, bringing along wet garbage and dirty sludge tracked in by shoes. Windows also seem to get more grimy and dirty due to condensation and increased air moisture. Additionally, cold and flu germs can get trapped inside your office space. People hardly allow fresh air in during the winter season.

The best way to thoroughly clean and disinfect your commercial facility is to hire office cleaning Broward company.

As winter flus and common colds are so common, business owners usually underestimate their impact. In a study, few years back, it was found that worker absenteeism costs US employers $225.8 billion, (approx. $1,685 per employee).

Winter viruses can survive on surfaces up to 36 hours, and the germs spread easily. Sick workers usually take off from work for 1-3 days. Even though there are consumer products that can kill cold and flu germs, only a professional clean can clean office surfaces like desktops, keyboards, phones, conference tables, chairs, door handles etc. thoroughly. Most of the products they use are commercial grade and are more effective than any consumer product.

Due to all this, it is not safe or wise to take care of winter cleaning on your own with just some sweeping, mopping and wiping of floors and pavements. Many people in order to save a few bucks try to do the cleaning on their own, but the results are not as effective and satisfactory as they should be for a healthy and hygienic workplace.

Every day, you should have an office cleaning Broward company come in and do a thorough mopping and dusting. Professional cleaners will also clean other things and fixtures like desktops, desks and chairs, reception area and everything else that can be cleaned and needs a clean to give your office a great look.

It is also vital to clean windows weekly if possible. Winter windows get more dirty in commercial facilities. Dust on windows can also block the view and the sunlight which assists to keep the carpets, floors and air clean and dry. Moisture in the air evaporated onto flooring can also result in fall and slip accidents. Professional cleaners have the products and the skills to maintain your office windows, streak-free throughout the year.

Lastly, your HVAC systems accumulate and re-circulate many pathogens during the winters. These pathogens deteriorate air quality and affect office health. Your cleaning team can keep your HVAC clean by cleaning ducts and replacing filters.

It is crucial to understand that without professional commercial cleaning company, your business could be prone to plethora of office injuries including falls and slips, mold and mildew related illnesses, colds, flus or other issues that create problems for your workers, clients and visitors.

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