Green, today is not just a color anymore but it has become a way of life that is environment friendly.

At Pro Facility Services we are proud to say that we only use green products. As leading providers of reliable office cleaning services in Miami-Dade, Pro Facility Services is committed to delivering services that are efficient as well as green. We understand the serious dangers of chemical-based and toxic cleaning products and methods; therefore, we aim to provider only green cleaning services with green products.

By switching to green cleaners, like our team at Pro Facility Services, your office will be able to enjoy a number of benefits, like the following:

  • Improved image: The advantage of hiring green office cleaners doesn’t end in your office space but extends up to your image as a business. Using green office service speaks volumes about the standard of your business and makes a company come across as a more environmentally and socially responsible. This makes you more appealing to the eyes of clients.
  • Reduced environmental effect: No matter whether you own a small business or a big business, every business activity has some effect on the environment. Hiring green cleaners can assist you reduce your environmental effect or carbon footprint. Environment friendly methods and products assist in reducing air and water pollution, ozone depletion as well as supporting a greener and sustainable future.
  • Improved air quality: In case of traditional cleaning techniques in order to have odor-free and fresher environment, you would need chemical based products like aerosol sprays, some of which have artificial and strong fragrances. The fact is, rather than purifying the air some aerosol sprays can contaminate the air as they are high in irritants. When you hire green cleaners, you can be sure that air you breathe is free from harmful fumes and clean.
  • Improved health and well-being: Unlike typical cleaning solutions that use harmful chemicals and could damage the skin, affect your respiratory system and irritate the eyes, green cleaners use safe and toxic chemical free products. So, the inhabitants of the building as well as the cleaners are protected from dangerous and harsh solutions, helping you to cut down on sick days and enhance productivity.

Commercial cleaning these days doesn’t just mean ensuring the office environment is grime and dirt free, but using techniques and tools that ensure the space is cleaned without compromising the health of the cleaners and inhabitants as well as the environment. So, hire green cleaners and take advantage of these benefits.

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